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Evoflex - An Evolution in Pelvic Positioning

The Evoflex Padded Pelvic Positioning Belt is designed to keep its shape and stay where it belongs for maximum stability, control, and ease of use.


The Evoflex belt is designed to keep its shape, stay in place, and provide stability and control. Stiffened, yet flexible, end-straps stay upright when the belt is opened, and can be pivoted forwards or back during transfers or when not in use. They also prevent the belt from falling into the dirty area of the wheelchair.

The Evoflex can help the user gain more efficiency from their pushes, maintain better balance, and improve functional reach. The Swivel Buckle gives the Evoflex the ability to equalise tension and provide better stability, fit, and comfort. 



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Evoflex - Different from the Usual Hip Belt

What are the Hassles with 'floppy' Hip Belts?

Fall into the wheels/onto the ground and get dirty 

Become tangled in slings and clothing

Get damaged due to twisting and stretching

Floppy belts - a breeding ground for bacteria

Microbiological testing on wheelchairs has shown that Pseudomonas and other bacteria were found in an increasing number from the surface of the cushion downwards, which is the area where floppy belts tend to fall when released.

How does the Evoflex Benefit you?

Won’t twist or fall into the wheels

Fits into even the tightest places

Gives a closer fit for better stability

Can be pivoted forwards/back when not in use

Is resistant to abrasion, tearing, and temperature extremes

Barry's Experience with the Evoflex

Josh Dueck's experience with Evoflex and Stayflex

Decision Guide

Measuring for an Evoflex

MeasuringMeasure for the Evoflex by measuring the sitting hip width across the greater trochanters as shown in the diagram, then find your size by using a flexible measuring tape: measure the distance over the body - this corresponds to the belts padded length. See the new standard to describe pelvic positioning in belt section.


Buckle Options

The Evoflex is available with 3 different buckles: 

Metal Push Button

The metal push button buckle is only available on the extra-small Evoflex, it requires a firm push to open and is good for users who tend to accidentally release their belts.

Push Button and Security Cover

The Push Button buckle features a large recessed button that is designed to prevent accidental opening, but does not require much hand strengh to press. 

The optional Push Button Security Cover fits directly over the push button. This cover is extra-secure and can only be opened with the end of a ball-point pen.    

Rehab Latch 

The Rehab Latch is the easiest buckle to open for users with limited hand strength, and is simply opened by pushing up the latch, like an aircraft seatbelt.  

Mounting Options

The Evoflex comes complete with screws which can be used to mount it  directly to the frame of any wheechair. 

Alternatively, the Evoflex can be mounted using a Mounting Bracket Kit, or a Band Clamp, sold separately. See the Mounting Hardware page for further details

NEW Evoflex Belt Extender

Made of thick, durable plastic, the Evoflex® Belt Extender maintains the stiffness of the Evoflex® while lengthening the belt up to 12.5cm (5") per side. A perfect solution for mounting to wheelchairs with thicker cushions, deeply contoured seating or distant mounting points.

Smart locking pin adds a second connection point with the belt, preventing unwanted pivot. Alternately, use the reverse side of the Belt Extender, without the locking pin, to allow pivoting around obstacles.

The Belt Extender can be used with all Evoflex® sizes. Can be cut to desired length with a saw or bent with heat as needed. Fasteners included.


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