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Reach beyond the chair with confidence, using the Bodypoint Hip-Grip® 2.  

For individuals with muscle weakness or low tone, through getting into a reach position might not be a challenge, getting back into a neutral position can be difficult.

The Hip Grip® 2 acts as a spring-assisted exoskeleton which helps the user to stabilise the pelvis and bring the torso back into a neutral position. It gives dynamic stability to the torso and furthers lateral and anterior functional reach, allowing for fulll pelvic movement within its natural range of motion.

A pivot-mounted belt allows the user to move naturally, while the tension springs assist the torso to return to an upright position. Tension springs are available in different resistances for users with varying torso strength.    

Many users have found that using the Hip Grip® 2 improves their reach considerably, sometimes by up to 500%, with much less effort required to return to the neutral sitting position than before.


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Benefits of the Hip Grip

Increases Stability and Forward Reach

Hip Grip® 2 users gain more independence by gaining the stability to return to a seated position, and can improve their functional reach enough to pursue activities that previously seemed impractiable.

Dynamic Support for Daily Activities

The Hip Grip® 2 provides stability without restricting movement, and can provide the user with the assurance and confidence needed to carry out daily activities beyond the conifines of the chair.

Resistance Options

The tension-adjustable springs that are a part of the pivot assembly system are available in light, medium, or strong, which allow adjustability of resistance to forward reach and strength in helping the pelvis return to its neutral position. 

Decision Guide

Measuring for a Sacral Pad

The Sacral Pad sits behind the lower back, allowing the user to stay supported by the Hip Grip 2 when reclining back into neutral position. The gel injected pad resists deterioration from compression and provides optimal user comfort. 

One Sacral Pad is required per Hip Grip® 2 system.

How to measure for the sacral pad

Measure the pelvic width at the Iliac Crest when seated, as shown in the diagram, and include the user's soft tissue in your measurements. Calipers are the most accurate way to measure pelvic width. 

Size Fit Range
S Pelvic width of between 7.75" - 12"(20 - 26 cm)
M Pelvic width of between 10.5" - 12.5" (26 - 33 cm)
L Pelvic width of between 13.5" - 15.5" (34 - 39 cm)


Measuring for a Pivot Belt

To determine what size belt is required, please measure the pelvic circumference at the Iliac Crest (see measurement for Sacral Pad.) 

One Hip Belt is required per Hip Grip® 2 system. 

Hip Grip Hip Belts Measurement

Buckle Options

The Hip Grip® 2 belt is available with either a Push Button buckle or a Rehab Latch. Push button Buckles are available for Small, and X Small size belts, and the Rehab Latch is available with Medium, Large and X Large belts.  

Push Button Buckle

This is the first push-button buckle designed for rehab use. The buckle is 1/3 lighter than comparable push-button models. It is designed with rounded edges that improve comfort and prevent snagging on clothing. It has the same internal metal adjustments as the Rehab Latch buckle, so that the belt tightens easily but does not loosen through the day.

The cover on this buckle is modular so it can be removed easily for cleaning. This also means it can easily be swapped with a Reduced-Access Cover or a Buckle Security Cover depending on the needs of the user.

Rehab Latch

This is the first buckle ever designed for rehab use. It is lightweight, strong, low profile, and easy to operate with limited hand function. The Rehab Latch buckle is 20% more compact than standard aircraft latch-style buckles. It opens when the cover is lifted to a 70° angle so that the buckle won’t open by accidently bumping the buckle. The metal adjustments in the buckle make it easy to tighten the belt, and prevent the webbing from slipping once tightened so that the belt stays in place.

Pivot Bracket and Springs

One pair of Pivot Bracket is required per Hip Grip® 2 system. 

The Pivot Brackets include a pair of Medium springs that be exchanged for Light or Heavy springs if required. Light, Medium and Heavy springs can be ordered separately.

Adapter Plates

One pair of Adapter Plate is required per Hip Grip® 2 system. Two adapter plates are required to attach the Hip Grip® 2 to the chair mounting bracket, plate or clamp.

Please choose one of the following adapter options: Flat, Multi-hole

0.5" (13mm) offset either side

1" (25mm) offset either side

Adapter plates are sold in pairs.

Mounting Hardware

The Hip Grip® 2 can be mounted using a Frame Clamp, Spreader Plate, Mounting Bracket Kit or with Quick Release Mounts.

One set of mounting hardware is required per Hip Grip® 2 system, please choose one of the following options: 

Frame Clamps

The aluminium Frame Clamp can be attached to any wheelchair tubing without the need to drill, glue, or otherwise alter the wheelchair itself.

All frame clamps come in packs of four, to accommodate the adapter plates.

Frame Clamps are available for the following wheelchair tubing sizes:

  • 7/8" (22 mm)
  • 1" (25 mm)

Spreader Plates

The Spreader Plates are designed to mount to the side of the seat surface. Sold in pairs

Spreader Plates are available in the following sizes:

  • 5" (13cm)
  • 6" (15cm)

Mounting Bracket kit

The L-shaped Mounting bracket kit comes complete with fasteners for direct mounting to the upper seat surface, underneath the cushion.

Quick Release

The Quick Release bracket cannot be used with the Mounting Bracket Kit. 

The Quick Release bracket can be released by tugging on the fabric loop, and is perfect for users who occasionally need to remove the Hip Grip® 2, or who want to use it on multiple chairs. This can be attached directly to the side of the seat, or can be combined with a clamp set or spreader plates.

Sold singly. Two Quick Release brackets are required per Hip Grip® 2 system.  

Sub ASIS Pad (Optional Extra)

Sub ASIS pads can be used to provide added stability to the Hip Grip® 2, or can be used to reduce pressure on the bladder and lower abdomen.  Sold in pairs. 

Sub ASIS pads are available in two sizes, Small or Large. Small pads can be used with Extra-small to Medium belts, and Large pads may be used with Medium to Extra-large belts.

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