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The NEW Monoflexes represent the latest in innovative design from Bodypoint. They are available in two styles, underarm release and centre release.


The New Monoflexes have been designed to redistribute pressure across the mid-section that holds the trunk in place, without interfering with free arm movement. They have high-strength elastic pads that assist in dynamic movement while maintaining trunk control. Available in front-pull the Monoflexes are easy to adjust from the front of the chair. Bodypoint has incorporated the Swivel Buckle into the new Monoflexes.


Benefits of the Swivel Buckle include:

  • Lightweight and DiscreetThe Bodypoint Swivel Buckle itself is lightweight and low profile which in turn makes the Monoflex less bulky. The buckle is discreet and blends into the look of the Monoflex
  • Prevents Unwanted ReleaseThe swivel buckle clips in easily, but is harder to release during high level activities, or with fiddling
  • Greater ComfortThe pivoting feature of the swivel buckle equalises the tension, prevents bunching, and gives a good fit

The new Monoflexes can be flat or cinch-mounted.


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Benefits of the Monoflex

Increased Stability

The Monoflex provides increased stability for the chest during transport and day-to-day activities. It has secure fittings that can be attached to the wheelchair to enhance control and stability

Dynamic Support

The controlled stretch of the Monoflex moves as you do, preventing the belt from feeling constricting. It promotes increased reach and helps hold the torso in position.


The Monoflex contains a Laminar Pad, a soft pad designed to provide comfort without wrinkling or twisting during use. It is comfortable to wear and doesn't feel obstructive


Decision Guide

Measuring a Person for a Monoflex

To measure for a Monoflex, measure the user's trunk round the front and sides at the height at which the Monoflex will be worn, then use the table below to find your size. 

To account for different body shapes, use the Monoflex dimensions table in the next section to confirm that your chosen size is correct. 


Min/Max Fit Range


14.0-17.0" (36.0 - 45.0cm)


18.0- 21.5" (46.0 - 55.0cm) 


22.0 - 25.5" (56.0 - 65.0cm)


26.0 - 29.5" (66.0 - 75.0 cm)


30.0 - 33.5" (76.0 - 85.0 cm)


Monoflex Dimensions

Using the table below, make sure that the pad length of your Monoflex will cover the front of the body and wrap at least halfway around each side of the trunk, leaving a gap in the front of the wheelchair's back support to allow space for tightening the buckles.   


Pad Length

Pad Width


12.2" (31.0 cm)

3.0" (7.6 cm)


15.5" (39.0 cm)

3.5" (8.9 cm)


18.2" (39.0 cm)

4.0" (10.0 cm)


21.5" (55.0 cm)

4.5" (12.0 cm)


24.5" (62.0 cm)

5.0" (13.0 cm)

Monoflex Order Codes


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