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Mounts - Mounting Hardware

Back mounts are used for attaching harness straps to a seat back, and track mounts are used for mounting end-fittings directly into the mounting track of a wheelchair. Flat Mount End fittings are used to secure the strap of any harness or belt to the mounting.

Fitting clamps is easy, and can be performed using simple household tools such as a hex key (Allen key), Phillips screwdriver and spanner.  

All Bodypoint® mounting hardware can be fitted using regular household tools, and comes with complete instructions for use.


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Bodypoint Mounts
Bodypoint Mounts

Back Mount - Cam Buckle

The Cam Buckle is a plastic buckle best-suited to solid surface mounting on the back support of a wheelchair, and is attached directly to the back using screws (not included). The webbing is secured when the cam buckle is closed, and does not require threading back through. Excess webbing cannot be secured with this model, and it is recommended that the buckle is not used near the wheels of the chair or on the wheelchair seat tubing for this reason. Cam buckles are sold in pairs, and are available in three sizes for for 25 mm (1"), 38 mm (1.5") and 50 mm (2") width straps.

Bodypoint Mounts

Flat Mount End Fittings

End fittings are used to secure the strap of any harness or belt to the mounting. Spare end fittings are great for users who have multiple wheelchairs that they switch between. Once the end fitting is attached to the mount, straps can simply be threaded through on each chair and the belt or harness will be instantly mounted. The Flat Mount End Fitting is created with nickel-plated, heat-treated steel for high strength and resistance to corrosion. The Flat Mount must be used together with the appropriate size steel slide to secure the strap. All edges are curved for minimal friction against the straps. The Flat Mount end fittings available in a variety of sizes for different strap widths, and is sold singly.


Bodypoint Mounts

Parallel Tube Mounting Clamp

The Parallel Tube Mounting Clamp mounts footplate extensions, joystick mounts and other accessories securely to wheelchair frames.

High-precision machining ensures consistently high grip strength. Tapered sides hug the contours of tubes for a trim appearance. Made of anodized, heat-treated aluminum alloy with nickel-plated fasteners for durability in indoor/outdoor use

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