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The Bodypoint Swivel Buckle Hip Belt is an advancement to the normal plastic side release buckle. It is a low profile and lightweight swivel buckle that pivots to equalize tension for greater comfort. Made from black toughened resin, the swivel buckle is discrete, yet ultra-strong. While it easily snaps together at various angles without jamming, the push release mechanism is harder to depress, preventing unwanted buckle release by children and during high activity levels.

This belt also meets and passes the ISO standard 16840-3: 2014, which applies to pelvic positioning and trunk support devices, and guarantees durability, safety, and performance.

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Lightweight with discrete buckle

The Bodypoint swivel buckle itself is lightweight making the belt lightweight and comfortable for the user. The buckle is discreet and blends into the look of the belt. 

Greater Comfort

The pivoting feature of the swivel buckle equalises the tension on both sides of the belt giving greater comfort and allowing for dynamic seating. 

Prevents unwanted release

The swivel buckle clips in easily but is harder to release during high level activities, especially by children. 

Taking Innovation to New Heights

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Measuring for Pelvic Positioning Belt

Use a flexible measuring tape to measure the distance over the body - this corresponds to the belts padded length. See new standard to describe pelvic positioning in belts section.


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