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Bath safety is a major concern for people with limited mobility; the Bodypoint® Rapid Dry belts can be attached to any shower or bath chair for added security when bathing.

Water and air pass easily through the Aeromesh fabric, allowing the user to be bathed completely, and helping the belt to dry quickly after use.

This flexible, padded belt can be used across the chest or abdomen to prevent forward or lateral falls, or can be fitted across the knees or legs to prevent legs from slipping down or out of the shower chair. 

Rapid Dry belts are available in a two-piece (main image, top) or one-piece option (main image, second and third belt from top) depending on your needs. 


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Belt Dries Quickly

Rapid-dry belts use Aeromesh material - a breathable, quick-drying fabric that allows both air and water to pass through it. This means that the skin under the belt still gets washed, and the belt is dry again quickly. 

Added Safety in Baths or Showers

The Rapid-dry belts attach directly to the frame of any bath or shower chair using the clamps included, so you can be sure the belts will hold you securely in place throughout washing.

Can be used anywhere on the body

The Rapid-dry belts can be mounted to secure the calves, thighs or torso, so you can add security where you need it most. 

Belt Type

The Rapid Dry belts are available in one-piece or a two-piece types.

One-piece Option

This option has paddding in the centre, which allows for greater comfort. In this design there is one side-release buckle on each side. This helps to keep the belt mounted to the chair when only the centre piece needs removing or washing. It is available with grommets or plastic slides for mounting, and mounting clamps are included. 

Two-piece Option

This option has a side-release buckle in the middle, which means the belt can be removed for transfers without changing the adjustments. These belts are available with grommets for mounting purposes, and do not have clamps included.


How to Measure for a Rapid Dry Belt

The Rapid Dry belts can be used for different areas of the body, and different styles offer different coverage.

To determine the size of belt you need, measure the distance the belt needs to cover from mounting point to mounting point, and then use the table below to find your size within the fit range. 

Size One-piece Belt  Mounting Fit Range Width of belt
L One-piece  Plastic Slides 22 - 68" (55 - 172 cm) 4" (10 cm)
L One-piece  Grommets 28 - 48" (71 - 122 cm) 4" (10 cm)
XL One-piece  Plastic Slides 25 - 72" (63 - 182 cm)  5" (12 cm)
XL One-piece  Grommets 32 - 52" (81 - 132 cm)  5" (12 cm)


Size Two-piece Belt  Mounting Fit Range Width of the Belt 
M       Two-piece                Grommets            24.5 - 34.5" (62 - 87 cm)         4" (10 cm)
L  Two-piece Grommets 31 - 41" (78 - 104 cm) 4" (10 cm)

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