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Jonvac Bath Support

Bathing in a bath without support can be challenging and dangerous for those who have low muscle tone, limited mobility, and poor balance. At the same time, it can be difficult for parents or carers to bath someone single-handedly

The JonVac Bath Support creates a firm mould around the individual in a bath to keep them seated and supported while bathing. It also helps parents or carers with safe manual handling and transfers in and out of the bath. The JonVac can be customised and adapted to fit the child’s body shape, and can be remoulded with a pump anytime by just adding or extracting air. It has suction cups that securely attach the support to the bath.

The JonVac Bath Support is essentially an air bladder filled with micro polystyrene beads, which can be formed around the user’s body and then a vacuum is applied, via a simple hand pump, to fix the form of the support. The underside has a number of very strong suction cups which mean that it will always stay put in the bath tub.

There are two different sizes: Standard and Extended. The extended version is 35cm longer, and this 35cm comes at the top and provides for better head support should it be required.

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Easily conforms to the shape of the person

The Jonvac bath support can be easily adjusted to conform to a person's body to ensure the get the right support where necessary. It creates a secure and stable base to rest on.

Easy handling for carers

The Jonvac support enables safe transfer and easy handling for carers and parents, especially in the bath when manual handling can be a challenge.

Easy to clean

The Jonvac is easy to clean and disinfect. It also dries quickly. 

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