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Ropox Tables for wheelchair users

The Ropox Tables offer an array of worktop sizes, models, and adjustment options to provide the best solutions for the individual’s needs. The tables are highly recommended for wheelchair users to help them to sit closer to the table, since there are no cross bars underneath the table top.

  • Ropox considered all aspects of seating when designing their tables to allow the user to sit comfortably
  • Extra support for the arms which relieves stress off the back and shoulders
  • Height adjustment reduce the risk of shoulder and neck pain
  • The tiltable worktop brings documents closer towards the user, removing the need to lean and strain
  • Documents stay in place with the MagRule magnet even when the table top is tilted
  • Guaranteed easy access from both sides of the table as there are no cross bars that limit the available legroom under the tabletop 

Ergo Tables                                                                     

Ergo Tables come in two sizes, and are manually height adjustable. They are available in full tilt or left/right tiltable table top versions. These tables are designed with a supporting ruler that ensures items on the table stay in place when tilted. Tables with tiltable tops are a great option for users with limited reach and sight impairments. Ergo Tables are available with arm supports to relieve pressure off the arms and elbows.

  • Available in two sizes
  • Tilt top angle is 54º
  • Manual adjustment only
  • Ruler fastening on tiltable table tops

Vision Tables                                                                 

 Vision Tables are highly adjustable, and are available in manual or electric versions. The design is simple and elegant, and it has all the features needed for home, work or in the community. Vision Tables are also available with arm supports to relieve pressure off the arms and elbows. For individuals using wheelchairs, Vision tables offer plenty of room under the table.

  • Available in three sizes (Type A tables), and two sizes (Type B, C, D tables)
  • Tilt top angle is 71º
  • Electric and Manual adjustment options
  • Magnetic fastening on tiltable table tops

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How to choose the right table for you

Ropox Tables

Cater to individual needs

A safe sitting position requires a stable table and chair, especially for people with poor balance. Tables need to allow easy access. They should also be height adjustable. If the table has wheels, it is imperative that the wheels have brakes to prevent accidents.

Ropox Tables

Sufficient legroom

Being able to get close to the table top is essential, and there must be good access for a wheelchair user from both sides of the table. All Ropox Tables have optimum access possibilities as there are no cross bars underneath the worktop.

Ropox Tables

Number of table users

If there is only one user, you should pick a table that best matches the individual user’s needs. If there is more than one user, you should choose a table that is easy to adjust in height and a size that accommodates for multiple users.

Ropox Tables

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