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Rehawash Range

The RehaWash Range is comprised of Equipment Washers, Dryers, and Combi-Washer-Dryers. Sizes are available from compact cleaning systems, suitable for wheelchairs and other rehabilitation devices, to bed cleaning systems, suitable for cleaning multiple wheelchairs or mattresses in one cycle. The RehaWash machines can also be custom built to whatever size you need.

The machines use chemical disinfection rather than thermal, which means less energy is used and the equipment is protected from damage caused by heat.

The RehaWash range of equipment washers have the following features:

  • Sturdy, durable Stainless Steel Chamber

  • Automatic roller doors

  • Easy to use control panel

  • Programmable, automated Wash, Rinse, and Disinfection cycles, reducing staff time and costs

  • All processes are precisely managed by the built-in computer

  • Washing programmes can be adapted to special needs

  • Heavy duty castor wheels mean the machines can be moved from one location to another

  • Machines built in Germany to the highest quality standards

  • Custom sizes can be made bespoke to meet your specific requirements

  • Aesthetically pleasing, simple, modern design

If you would like to purchase a RehaWash, receive a site survey, or find out more about how BES can help you, contact us on or call 01179 666 761.

Benefits of Rehawash

Rehawash Range

Chemical Disinfection

  • As the RehaWash machine uses chemical disinfection, heat-sensitive equipment can be washed

  • Chemical washers use less energy as the water is not heated to high temperatures which makes for a low carbon footprint

  • Chemical washers increase the lifespan of equipment by preventing heat related damage, reducing unnecessary replacement of equipment

  • Chemical dosage can be adjusted to different sizes of loads, reducing wastage and eliminating the need to heat water for the smallest of loads

  • More equipment can be washed daily as the machine does not need to cool down or re-heat before use

Rehawash Range

Cost Savings to be Made

  • The RehaWash machine is competitively priced

  • The RehaWash machine saves costs in relation to time spent, use of energy, staffing, and equipment replacement

  • Chemical disinfection rather than thermal, means less energy is used and equipment is protected from damage caused by heat

  • Automated chemical dosing system accurately repeats the dosing process, reducing staff time and costs

  • The machine can be transported from one site to another without any major re-building expenses

  • Low energy consumption means low carbon footprint

Rehawash Range

Bespoke Machines to Meet your Needs

  • RehaWash machines can be customised to suit your needs, including sizes, wash cycles, and accessories

  • If you have health & safety concerns with staff lifting heavy equipment, a ramp can be added onto the machine

  • Available as a pass-through option to help avoid cross-contamination

  • Available as a washer-dryer combination

Dimensions and Spec

Installation and Support

Before placing the order for a RehaWash, our sales and engineering team will perform a site and facilities survey to ensure your machine can be installed correctly.

Based on the site survey, an engineer will install the machine.

Our BES team will perform a full training for users and will provide training certificates on completion.

Once the machine is ordered, delivery lead time for a RehaWash is approx. 8 weeks.

Maintenance Contracts

We have a team of engineers across the UK to ensure that your machine is maintained and periodically serviced, and your staff are fully supported.

Maintenance contracts with BES will guarantee a high standard of service, extended warranty on the machine, any call outs, and/or micro-biological testing if needed.

Within the contract period an engineer will service the machine every 6 months, along with full support when needed.

As part of the contract BES will also provide training on a yearly basis.

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