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BES Healthcare supports local schools and charities with free equipment during the pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has seen a lot of organisations struggle to support their customers or operate at full capacity. BES Healthcare has not only been fully operational, but has also had the chance to support schools and charities with free equipment during these tough times.

Kingsweston School in Bristol, a school for children with moderate to severe learning difficulties, was grateful to receive paediatric equipment such as floor sitters, hand-propelled mobility seats, and therapy and positioning chairs. 

In addition, Wellbeing of Women a charity dedicated to improving the health of women and babies, were donated 470 Myself Pelvic Muscle Trainers. The Myself system helps women develop strong pelvic muscles to achieve better bladder control, faster recovery after childbirth, and improved sexual response.

To support Emmaus Bristol, a charity who aim to overcome the challenges related to homelessness, BES donated 80 camping style air foam mats. These mats are inflatable and can be used for sleeping on or sitting.

Although fully operational, unlike some areas of healthcare that have been protected or even boosted by the pandemic, this isn’t the case for BES. The company has seen significant drop offs in business as the NHS has pulled resources into treating COVID-19 patients, and with service users reluctant to return to healthcare settings for routine treatments and therapies. Like so many other businesses BES has had to rely on various forms of government support to stay afloat, but this hasn’t meant we can’t support the community where possible.

BES Healthcare’s ethos has always been supporting the needs of those with disabilities and learning difficulties, directly or through clinicians. We work with charities across the UK and supply a range of Assistive Technology and Infection Prevention products. We are very proud of being able to help our customers, employees, and the wider community through the current crisis.

BES Healthcare supports local schools and charities with free equipment during the pandemic

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