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Training Day with Weely Wheelchairs

On the 17th January 2019, Roch Mangenot from Rupiani came from Rupiani’s office in France to the beautiful surroundings of Leigh Court, Bristol, to present the Weely wheelchair range to Weely dealers from around the UK.

The day started out with Roch Mangenot presenting the four types of Weely wheelchair and explained the benefits and features of each chair. In particular, Roch focussed his presentation on the dynamics of the chair in terms of adjusting different parts of the chair such as seat, back, and leg supports.

This presentation lead to a group discussion with the dealers, where they shared their previous experience with the Weely chairs in terms of customer feedback and the use of the Weely wheelchairs in their sales procedures.

The event was a great occasion for dealers to ask questions directly to our supplier from Rupiani, as well as for Rupiani to get feedback on the Weely wheelchairs that they will use in future pricing and packages for Weely distributors.

 Not only was the event a success in terms of dealers being able to learn more about the Weely wheelchair, but it also brought in new opportunities to combine our Weely chairs with other products from the BES Healthcare Assistive Technology range.

The Weely wheelchairs have their own product page on the website which you can visit by clicking here.

 If you’re curious to learn more about the Weely wheelchairs, our customer service team will be happy to answer any enquires on or 01179 666 761.

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