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State-of-the-art Hand Therapy Device Showcased at Museum of Technology and Design

The revolutionary ExoFlex hand rehabilitation device is currently on display at the internationally renowned Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS), Australia.


Winner of two awards for design and innovation, the ExoFlex is a portable therapy device that works to ultimately bring movement to paralysed and recovering hands. This device can manipulate and mobilise individual finger joints in a controlled and safe manner for exercise, rehabilitation, and eventually function.


The ExoFlex is able to assist, measure, and offer resistance to the movement of the fingers, which can help increase muscle tone, prevent scar tissue build up, stretch contractures, and help stroke victims regain motor skills. The ExoFlex’s portable design makes it ideal for remote usage, meaning a therapist does not have to be present for a patient’s daily therapy. This enables patients to receive continuous treatment in the comfort of their own homes.


One of the most remarkable components of the ExoFlex’s central mechanism is the Flexbridge. This patented technology bears the opposing qualities of elasticity and strength, so as to control and resist the fingers. The device was recently exhibited at the annual Neuro Convention held in London, June 2017, and received positive reviews from both occupational therapists and consultants alike.


British healthcare technology specialist BES Rehab Ltd, in association with its Australian subsidiary Healthcare Innovations Australia, has put 10 years of research and development into the ExoFlex project. BES Rehab has been bringing innovative products to the UK’s Healthcare market for over 24 years, and the ExoFlex is the most recent offering to the world of rehabilitation.


After picking up two awards for innovation and design at the annual Good Design Awards, held on 8th June 2017, the ExoFlex is now being displayed at the Powerhouse Museum, part of the MAAS in Sydney, Australia.


The ExoFlex is both a major feat of engineering and a breakthrough in rehabilitation technology, which looks set to be the future of hand therapy.


State-of-the-art Hand Therapy Device Showcased  at Museum of Technology and Design

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