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Varyflex Stander – Features and Benefits

Varyflex is a versatile, easily adjustable stander that provides stability and support for children who need assistance with standing.

Varyflex provides alternative positioning for those who use wheelchairs or other seating systems, helping to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers as well as improving digestion.

An upright position also plays an important part in development and rehabilitation, allowing the child to carry out various functional activities.

Varyflex supports the child by gently holding them in place with a chest strap, buttock strap, and customisable knee block, along with any additional foot supports.

See the features and benefits for yourself:




Easy to use and transport between home, school, and nursery

Growth adjustable

Grows with child, encouraging skeletal development

Natural positioning

Comfortable without impediment

Supportive frame offers varying degrees of flexibility

Facilitates simple tasks during playtime and learning, helping to boost confidence and improve the child’s interaction


Additional supports and optional accessories available

Versatile and customisable for the needs of each child

Uncomplicated design

Excellent alternative to cumbersome, complex standing aids



Varyflex is a simple, effective tool that is perfect for those on a budget


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Varyflex Stander – Features and Benefits

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