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What makes Chemical Equipment Washers Superior to Thermal?

Washers that use chemicals instead of heat not only prevent equipment from heat damage but also deliver huge cost savings from low energy usage and reduced water consumption. 

There are many other benefits to chemical equipment washers in comparison to thermal.


Cost and Energy Savings

• Chemical washers use less energy as the water is not heated to high temperatures which makes for a low carbon footprint

• They increase the lifespan of equipment by preventing heat related damage, reducing unnecessary replacement of equipment

• Chemical dosage can be adjusted to different sizes of loads, reducing wastage and eliminating the need to heat water for the smallest of loads


Specially Formulated Chemicals

• Chemicals used in the AquaPhase and RehaWash washers remove difficult soils, and are effective against a multitude of micro-organisms such as C.diff and E.coli

• Descalant helps effective and quick removal of limescale improving lifespan of equipment

• Detergent removes fats and proteins, and is also effective on aluminium equipment

• Rinse aid helps equipment dry quickly and inhibits rusting


Improved Efficiency and Safety

• More equipment can be washed daily as the machine does not need to cool down or re-heat before use

• Eliminates safety risks to staff from burns that could result from high temperature thermal washers

• Disinfectant prevents a build-up of bacteria in the residual rinse water between washes

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What makes Chemical Equipment Washers Superior to Thermal?

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