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Midline Joystick Mounting System

Suitable for mounting trays, communication aids, or joysticks in the midline, within easier reach of the user.

The Midline Joystick Mounting System improves accessibility and function to control units, trays, and communication devices. These can be easily mounted within reach without additional chair modifications. The Tri-Lock shaft allows for three functional positions, so the arms can be placed in suitable positions for driving, transferring and sitting at a table. The precision-machined construction withstands the toughest daily use, and locks into position to prevent accidental rotation. Joysticks, trays and other devices are easier to use, and move out of the way, with the Bodypoint midline joystick mounting system.

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The Midline Joystick Mounting System from Bodypoint is precision-machined to withstand the toughest kind of daily use. 

Tri-Lock Shaft Positions

The Midline Joystick system can be locked in three positions for different uses: zero degree horizontal for driving position, 90 degree allows user transfer, and 240 degree move out of the way for table access.

Easy Mounting

This system can be mounted easily on a chair within access with a simple to mount, clamp without additional modifications to the chair.

Step 1. Select Trilock Rotating Shaft

Trilock rotating shaft is necessary for a midline joystick system

Tri-Lock Rotating Shaft

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Step 2. Select an Arm Option

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Step 3. Select a Joystick Adapter

Joystick Adapter Types

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Step 4. Select a Mounting Hardware

This is used to mount the Midline Joystick System to the chair

Mounting Options

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Step 5. Select your Joystick Handles

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